Ipanema: learn all about one of the best beaches in the world

The beach was elected the second best in the world, according to the Lonely Planet travel guide. Ipanema will always be top 1 in our hearts and in today’s blog we’ll tell you a little more about this special spot in Rio de Janeiro.

Ipanema Beach

Has a 3 km stretch of sand and was ranked as the only Brazilian beach among the 20 most beautiful in the world, second only to Australia’s The Pass beach, located in Byron Bay.

One of the great things about Ipanema is that the golden sands and cool blue sea are home to many different carioca groups and personalities. There’s room for everyone to feel at home and enjoy the beach the way they want to over here!

At the Ipanema Inn, we are located just a few steps from the beach. In just 2 or 3 minutes you can reach the promenade and breathe in the sea air that renews us every day.

Best spots on beach

For cariocas, the beach is already sectored into different areas that welcome locals and tourists. For those of you who may not be so familiar with our backyard, we’ll give you all the tips on the “map” of Ipanema beach:

Posto 7, near Arpoador, is the surfers’ hotspot, where the waves are big and the crowd gathers from 5 and 6 in the morning to take the best surfing opportunities.

Farme de Amoedo street, between postos 8 and 9, is the hotspot for the LGBTQIA+ community. The tents located there exude diversity, rainbow flags and the best Carioca vibe!

Posto 9 brings together the fashionable and young crowd. The vibe is more artistic, trendy, and there you’ll find beautiful looks from people enjoying the sand. It’s a place where you feel like you’re in a soap opera or a movie.

Posto 10, almost in Leblon, brings together a variety of physical activities such as classic footvolley and functional training on the sands of the beach.

The Ipanema neighborhood has three subway stations that can take you to different areas of the neighborhood. You can easily visit all the stations and enjoy the vibe of each group!

Restaurants in Ipanema

For those who want to have a good breakfast before going to the beach or enjoy happy hour after a day on the sands of Ipanema, the neighborhood is full of good restaurants of all styles.

Classic pubs, gourmet bars, Brazilian restaurants and even excellent cuisine from other countries… in Ipanema, the gastronomic diversity fills everyone’s taste buds!

Our recommendations are: Quitéria, for those who like Brazilian food and affective flavors. Local ingredients star in the dishes, which have a modern and authorial touch.

The arp bar, located next to Pedra do Arpoador, has a renowned breakfast, voted the second best hotel breakfast according to Veja Rio. The sunset there is one of the most beautiful in the city! Enjoy the evening at the arp and then go for a candlelit dinner.

For those looking for a sophisticated Italian house and signature cocktails, Pope is a delicious option. For those who want to toast to life with a cold draft beer and traditional snacks, Boteco Belmonte is a Rio classic. The Ipanema address also has a popular rooftop where you can see the beach from above.

Memorable walks in Ipanema

As well as having one of the best beaches in the world, Ipanema is a neighborhood with a vibrant cultural and artistic DNA. Some of the neighborhood’s attractions include flagship stores, street markets and various options for walks in the middle of nature.

Some stores that are worth a visit: Granado (Garcia d’Avila st, 108), FARM (Visc. de Pirajá st, 365) and Havaianas (Garcia d’Avila st, 124).

Street markets that are already tourist attractions: Feira Hippie de Ipanema (on Sundays in Praça General Osório), Feira Livre da Praça Nossa Senhora da Paz (Friday, from 7am) and Feira de Orgânicos (Tuesday, from 7am).

Nature walks: Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon, Garota de Ipanema Park and Catacumba Park.

With this wealth of wonderful programs, Ipanema will always remain the most beloved beach in Brazil! Did you like to know a little more about the neighborhood of our hearts?

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