5 best boutique hotels in Rio de Janeiro

Before getting to know the 5 best boutique hotels in Rio de Janeiro, how about understanding a little bit more about the term “boutique”?

Well then, this type of hotel was created more than 30 years ago in New York and was imported to Brazil around 1990, gaining more and more fans ever since. 

So you’re probably wondering “what are the main differences between a boutique hotel and a regular hotel?” Some of the main differences are: the number of rooms available, staff, services, decoration, among others.

The Boutique style offers a more customized service, with decoration related to art and aimed at a public that prefers exclusive service based on their needs. 

Also, the main focus is on elements of art, individuality and interactivity. In other words, besides all the comfort and sophistication, guests will find a place that is different and “out of the box” – so to speak.

Finally, let’s get to the point: find out about the 5 best boutique hotels in Rio de Janeiro and start planning your trip: 

  1. Ipanema Inn
  2. Selina 
  3. Santa Teresa Rio Mgallery 
  4. Prodigy Santos Dumont 
  5. Hotel Arpoador
boutique hotels in Rio de Janeiro

1) Ipanema Inn: the ideal accommodation in the heart of Ipanema

If you want to get to know the bohemian neighborhood of Ipanema, you should consider staying at the Ipanema Inn, where you’ll find plenty of comfort and wellness in the living areas and accommodation.

The Ipanema Inn is complete and provides an ideal structure, whether you’re a business traveler or looking for some time to enjoy and relax in Rio de Janeiro.

Close to the beach and to the main points of the neighborhood, the hotel offers visitors the experience of feeling welcome at all times. All of this with fully-equipped rooms and views that vary from the sea to the tree-lined streets of the neighborhood. 

boutique hotels in Rio de Janeiro

2) Selina: cool and cozy

Selina is a balance between a boutique hotel and a hostel. With two units in Rio de Janeiro, it is located in Lapa and Copacabana by the sea.

In a nutshell, both have the same approach with cool and cozy atmospheres, greatly influenced by the carioca lifestyle. 

Also, for those who like to meet people from all over and exchange experiences, Selina is the ideal place. It offers a range of programs for guests (also open to the general public).

boutique hotels in Rio de Janeiro

3) Santa Teresa Rio MGallery: comfort and style

The Santa Teresa has a more luxurious atmosphere than the others mentioned above. It is located on a historic coffee plantation from the 1850s in the Santa Teresa neighborhood. 

The hotel works as an “urban refuge”, combining style, decoration and architecture in a boutique style. As well as having a unique personality and high quality cuisine, its location is a distinguishing feature, as it is close to incredible tourist attractions such as Cristo Redentor, Pão de Açúcar, Copacabana Beach and Ipanema. 

4) Prodigy Santos Dumont

Within the Boutique proposal, the Prodigy also has practicality as its main differential, as it is connected to Santos Dumont airport, one of the busiest in the country. 

In summary, the hotel is located on Guanabara Bay. The hotel has apartments with views of some of Rio’s greatest tourism icons, the Marina da Glória, Pão de Açúcar and Christ the Redeemer. It also offers modern, cozy and spacious rooms.

 5) Arpoador Hotel

The Arpoador offers a sophisticated simplicity and the meeting of nature and the urban, offering a complete stay with privileged views of the sea. 

The hotel is located close to the beach and to the main points of the neighborhood, offering greater ease for its guests. It also offers the experience of feeling welcome at all times.

Rio de Janeiro

Enjoy the best and most modern features of Rio de Janeiro.

If you haven’t heard of this type of accommodation before and identify with the proposal, you should also know that the service is exclusive and personalized, as well as having a smaller number of rooms. Culture and art are also some of the main advantages that await you in Rio de Janeiro’s boutique hotels.

Get ready to feel much more welcome than you would in a regular hotel, as well as knowing that you’re staying in a place where culture and art are prioritized. The carioca lifestyle awaits you.

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