Where to have breakfast in Rio de Janeiro

A good breakfast is a great way to get your day off to a good start. With that in mind, today’s blog brings you tips on the best breakfasts in Rio de Janeiro. Check them out!


Quitéria is located on Rua Maria Quitéria, in Ipanema, and shares its entrance with the Ipanema Inn. The restaurant is one of the only ones in the neighborhood that serves brunch until 2pm on weekends. That’s right! Meaning you can sleep late or work out in the morning and go for breakfast later without any worries on weekends.

breakfast in Rio de Janeiro

There are two combo options: the Quitéria breakfast and the vegan breakfast. A true feast is served at the table! There are also a variety of options on the menu, of which the highlights are the cheese bread waffle and the dulce de leche brioche.

Quitéria has been making its way into the hearts of good coffee lovers and became part of the Rio route that every Carioca should visit.

arp bar

For breakfast lovers with a cinematic view, the arp bar is the ideal option. The restaurant is located on the first floor of the Hotel Arpoador and has tables in the lounge, on the balcony and even on the beach boardwalk, very close to the sand and the sea.

At the arp bar, coffee is served daily from 7am to noon. Some of the highlights on the menu are the avocado toast, the shakshuka and the mushroom dish with potatoes, poached egg, homemade mayonnaise and truffle oil.

breakfast in Rio de Janeiro

The arp bar and Quitéria are “‘siblings” and share the same gastronomic ideals: to serve fresh, Brazilian products supplied by small producers. You can also go for the arp breakfast or vegan breakfast, which is no less, with hummus, chestnut cheese, coconut yogurt and many other nutritious and tasty options.

At the City&Sea Shop, you can get vouchers for some of the arp’s gastronomic experiences. The English breakfast and the Israeli breakfast are incredible options to start the day enjoying memorable flavors.

The English breakfast is the Brazilian and beach version of the classic English brunch. The experience includes a dish with homemade sausage and fried egg, avocado paste, mushrooms and grilled tomatoes. Also included are the much-loved arp pancake with maple syrup, two hot drinks and two juices of the day.

This dish has its roots in the Victorian era, back in the 19th century, as an option for a hearty meal for workers. Becoming a staple of all English pubs, this meal has countless variations, but the essence is always the same.

The Israeli breakfast, on the other hand, offers arp shakshuka and drinks to go with it. This dish originates from the Middle East and its name comes from a mix of Arabic and Hebrew, meaning “everything mixed together”: two free-range eggs immersed in tomato sauce with spices, yogurt and homemade bread.

Empório Jardim

Voted best breakfast 12 times by the Rio Show awards, Empório Jardim extends its brunch to all day. The restaurant has three locations in the city: Ipanema, Jardim Botânico and Botafogo, inside Casa Firjan.

The dish is prepared by each customer, using an extensive menu of items that range from award-winning cheese bread to eggs Benedict, cold cuts and tapioca.


Recently launched in Botafogo, Dainer opened its doors in August 2023 and has been the talk of media and brunch fans circles. The place is inspired by the classic American diner, with sofa niches, mustard and ketchup on the table and service counters.

Away from the night crowd, the establishment is open from 8am to 8pm (on weekends it opens at 9am) and serves brunch all day, as well as some comfort food dishes for lunch. The kitchen has a wood-fired oven and some of the favorites are the focaccia and the tuna melt, a tuna sandwich with cheddar.

Enjoyed the tips? Have a great time at brunch and share these gastronomic suggestions with your friends!

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