5 places to enjoy the sunset in Ipanema

Voted the world’s 4th most beautiful sunset, Rio de Janeiro displays this natural spectacle on a daily basis. Around here, it’s summer all year long, so it’s always a great time to visit Rio and enjoy the beach, the natural beauty and the city’s cultural program.

If you’re looking for the perfect timing to contemplate the golden sky and enjoy the poetry behind the sunset, spring and summer have a unique and unforgettable vibe. When it comes to location, Ipanema is one of the best neighborhoods to experience such a magical moment!

To help you perfectly plan for your trip, check out the 5 best places to enjoy the sunset in Ipanema:

1 – Arpoador Rock

 sunset in Ipanema

According to Bounce’s “Sunset Skies” survey, Rio’s sunset is number one on Instagram, with 230,000 hashtag mentions. Coming in second, Bali has 154,000 mentions.

Arpoador Rock is a popular tourist spot in the city. This natural monument, located just a few steps from the Arpoador Hotel, attracts hundreds of cariocas and many other visitors every day.

The view from the rock is of the sun going down over Two Brothers Hill, “Morro Dois Irmãos”. It is now a tradition to applaud the spectacle of the setting sun!

At the arp bar, located on the first floor of the Hotel Arpoador, you will find a privileged spot to watch the sunset. The tables on the beach boardwalk and on the balcony are the perfect place to relax and be dazzled by the view. The experience also includes fresh cocktails, as well as snacks, sandwiches and traditional Brazilian dishes.

Arpoador is also a hotspot for those who like to catch waves or jump off the rock for a refreshing dip on hot days.

2 – Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon

Have you ever imagined experiencing the sunset riding a pedal boat or having a picnic on the lawn?

The “Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas” is an amazing place for family rides. Go for a bike ride, join your friends for a basketball match on the court or just admire the view of Christ the Redeemer and Gávea Rock.

Surrounding the lagoon are several kiosks, playgrounds, a skating rink and family bike rentals. The Skates Park, Figueiras Park and Catacumba Park are some of the places worth visiting.

3 – Station 9

One of the most famous spots, which radiates coolness and the carioca lifestyle: Station 9 on Ipanema Beach.

Located between Joana Angélica and Vinícius de Moraes streets, the spot offers a unique point of view to watch the sunset. While watching Two Brothers Hill with the sun going down, it’s also possible to see Arpoador Rock crowded by spectators.

4 – Nossa Senhora da Paz Square

Located in the heart of Ipanema, just a few steps from the Ipanema Inn and Station 9, Nossa Senhora da Paz square is a great family meeting point in the neighborhood.

Children play in the playgrounds, families walk their pets, friends get together to chat on the lawn… every Friday there is a street market, as well as the traditional organic market on Tuesdays.

The square is completely gated, so it’s safe for all ages, and there are trees all around its perimeter.

5 – Garota de Ipanema Park

Named after the famous song by Tom Jobim and Vinícius de Moraes, the park is a connection between Copacabana and Ipanema neighborhoods. 

Recently opened in October 2023, the park has a playground for kids, a dog park, an observation deck and a music arena. It is expected that the space will host more and more open-air parties, fairs and cultural performances.

The park is also very close to Arpoador Rock, but the experience of watching the sunset from each location is certainly very different. It’s worth checking out both options!

Each and every place mentioned here has its own unique and special magic. Come to Rio, stay at the Ipanema Inn and enjoy your days like a true carioca!

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