Arnaldo Quintela Street: elected the 8th coolest street in the world!

Can you imagine having one of the coolest streets in the world in your backyard? Well, as cariocas, we are proud to be part of a list made by Time Out magazine, that elected Arnaldo Quintela Street, in Botafogo, as the 8th coolest street in the world, above cities and countries of great influence, such as Tokyo, Berlin, Barcelona and New York.

In honor of such a special street for Rio de Janeiro and for the world, we’ve dedicated this blogpost to tell you a little bit about the Botafogo neighborhood and give you some tips on amazing bars and restaurants on Arnaldo Quintela Street. Here you’ll also find that Rio de Janeiro is full of other famous and iconic streets. Read until the end!

Arnaldo Quintela Street

There are plenty of options here! The street has more than 30 bars and restaurants, including the adjacent streets. For this reason, Arnaldo Quintela was considered a “culinary hotspot” by Time Out magazine.

Among the many options, we highlight some super cool bars, such as Xepa, which is famous for the beach chairs on the sidewalk and has iconic snacks, such as the rabada dumpling.

Led by Bianca Barbosa, Bar Kalango‘s motto is to serve popular Brazilian food with affection and Belisco Bar de Vinhos, partnership between chef Monique Gabiatti and sommelière Gabriela Teixeira, offers a charming atmosphere suitable for drinking wine by the glass or bottle.

In addition, Quartinho Bar was one of the first places to open in the neighborhood and offers very unique drinks and great music. 

Speaking of unique drinks, the Chanchada bar offers a varied menu, ranging from a classic cold beer to drinks that mix passion fruit and rapadura.

The Time Out article really sums up the vibe of Arnaldo Quintela Street when it states: “If you’re cool, you’re probably there”.

Famous Streets in Rio de Janeiro

Olegário Maciel Avenue, Barra da Tijuca

With its beachy vibe and intense nightlife, Avenida Olegário Maciel has become a hotspot for young people in Rio de Janeiro. The avenue features cool bars and establishments to suit all tastes.

Dias Ferreira Street

Connecting Gávea and Leblon via Avenida Bartolomeu Mitre, this street offers a wide variety of bars and restaurants with a diverse range of cuisines. As well as a lot of traditional Brazilian dishes, you’ll find restaurants with oriental, Italian and French gastronomy, among others. The perfect place to enjoy a post-beach drink or a happy hour with the gang.

Rua Garcia D’ávila

Composed of seven blocks between streets in the Ipanema neighborhood, this is a very charming tree lined street with a mix of residential and commercial buildings. A true encounter between the charm of old buildings and the sophistication of modern ones, but all in a light and natural way, making any stroll pleasant.

Ouvidor Street

The scene of several important events in the history of Rio de Janeiro and surrounded by bars and restaurants, Ouvidor Street is the perfect place for those who want to learn a little about Rio’s history and culture. There you’ll find typical local food and lots of good samba!

Botafogo Neighborhood

Located in the South Zone of Rio de Janeiro, Botafogo is one of the most charming destinations for those visiting the wonderful city. This is because the neighborhood has tree-lined streets and offers privileged views of Christ the Redeemer and Sugar Loaf Mountain.

The neighborhood is one of the most ancient in the city and there, on “Cara de Cão” Hill, near Sugar Loaf Mountain, Estácio de Sá founded the city of Rio de Janeiro in 1565.

You’ll find incredible leisure options there, such as cinemas, theaters, museums, vibrant gastronomy and a very exciting nightlife – typical Rio vibe!

In addition to all this, the neighborhood, which hosts the 8th coolest street in the world, also carries with it the fame of being recognized worldwide! Now come and find out a bit more about this iconic street in Botafogo.

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