Quitéria: new menu brings pure Brazilianness to the table

Located in the heart of Ipanema, on the way to the sea, Quitéria is the ideal restaurant for those looking for an authentic Brazilian experience. With a charming terrace and a cozy lounge, the place welcomes everyone looking to enjoy affectionate flavors and brings together the best of nature and urban life.

Whether it’s a post-beach meal, a business lunch or a candlelight dinner, Quitéria offers the perfect atmosphere and flavors for every occasion. 

The menu has recently been reformulated by the head chef David Cruz. Starters, main courses and desserts feature local ingredients, mostly from small producers across the four corners of the country, in reverence of its diverse biomes.

In this blogpost you’ll find tips and suggestions for delicious dishes for every moment of the day and be delighted by what Quitéria has to offer.


A nice breakfast is a great way to start the day! And this experience gets even better at Quitéria.

The restaurant is one of the only ones in the neighborhood that serves brunch until noon from Monday to Friday and until 2 p.m. on weekends and holidays. In other words, you can sleep late or work out in the morning and go for coffee later without any worries.

There are also two combo options: the Breakfast Quitéria and the Vegan Breakfast. A veritable feast is served at the table!

The menu also has delicious a la carte options, such as Croque Monsieur – blend os Brazilian cheeses, Canadian sirloin, béchamel and brioche, and Vegan Pão de Queijo – a portion of delicious vegan rolls. As well as many other options.


Brazilianness opens up on the menu with starters that honor the best of street food, such as the Sausage and Shrimp Dumpling with mango gel and the Deep Fried Pastry in the flavors of Brazilian cheese and scarlet eggplant or sun-dried meat with onions and cheese.

In a more beachy vibe, the Grilled Curd Cheese Skewer with molasses and ginger gel, onion pickles and puxuri, presents classic Rio flavors with a modern aesthetic.

Also, those who wish to turn meals into memorable moments of exchanging conversations and experiences can opt for starters that have been designed to be shared. Some of them are the Couvert with manioc flour biscuit, homemade breads, canastra cheese cream and gherkin pickles, and the Cheese Platter, with cream cheese, creamy cured, goat’s cheese, homemade bread and jam of the day.

Lunch and dinner options

Main Courses

The main courses are a spectacle apart and continue the journey provided by the new menu.

The Carbonara Caipira consists of corn fonduta, Brazilian cheese, pancetta crunch, watercress powder and bejerecum pepper, promising to be the house’s signature dish. As well as the Sun-dried Beef Tenderloin, which comes with sugar cane demi glace, creamy hominy, pumpkin pickle and toasted okra. The curing process of the sun-dried meat takes place in Quitéria’s kitchen and receives the chef’s personal care.

Many other main dishes star on the menu with a lot of Brazilian flair, such as the Pork Belly and the Fish of the Day with Fish Stew Sauce. Even the Hamburger gets a Brazilian version with brioche bread made in Quitéria’s bakery, a special grilled blended beeves, Brazilian cheese and the unique touch of caramelized onion in raw cane.


To sweeten the experience even more with a lot of Brazilianness, the dessert section brings irresistible options! 

“It’s Tropicália, tropicana, cajuína, through the intact retina, the star in the eye, soft meat with an independent flavor, the hottest beat, let the people taste it!” (É Tropicália, tropicana, cajuína, pela intacta retina, a estrela no olhar, carne macia com sabor independente, a batida mais quente, deixa o povo provar!”), Mocidade’s samba for Carnival in Rio 2024 said and Quitéria can back it up. Cashew Fermented in Raw Cane is a cashew nut mousse, cashew crumble and cashew sorbet that praises this national fruit.

To bring back childhood memories and experiences, we recommend the Honeybun Mousse, with chocolate, dulce de leche toffee and cocoa tuile with nibs. A real spice with a unique flavor and a great fragrance!

The tips don’t stop there. The Milk pudding with puxuri, the Amazonian nutmeg, syrup and caramelized tapioca pearls and the trio of Ice Creams with Brazilian flavours according to the season will also seal the meal perfectly!

In addition, Quitéria’s wine section and cocktail list are worthy of a toast to life and national traditions. There are also non-alcoholic options and classic cocktails on the menu.

Getting that mouth watering? Come to Quitéria! All this gastronomic exuberance and the coziness of the atmosphere will make you fall in love.

Adress: Maria Quitéria Street, 27 – Ipanema   
Phone number: (21) 2267-4603 / WhatsApp: (21) 96731-2519

Opening hours:
Breakfast – daily – 7 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Lunch and dinner – daily – midday to 11:30 p.m.

Website: https://www.ipanemainn.com.br/quiteria 

Instagram: instagram.com/quiteria.rio

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