Samba Circles in Rio de Janeiro

Samba has everything to do with Rio! That’s why, if you’re planning to visit the wonderful city, it’s important to know a bit about the rhythm that explodes hearts and contagiously shakes this city!

First of all, samba is an immaterial Brazilian cultural legacy and emerged in Afro-Brazilian communities in some neighborhoods of Rio de Janeiro. And, if you follow our blog, you already know that, in honor of National Samba Day, we tell you a little more about the history of this musical genre.

In this article, we’ve prepared some unmissable tips for those who love a good samba. What’s more, if you’re visiting Rio de Janeiro for the first time and want to have an authentic Carioca experience, check out our top 10 samba circles to enjoy in Rio.

Top 10 samba circles in Rio de Janeiro

Pedra do Sal

First of all, samba is a living tradition in Pedra do Sal! Considered the cradle of samba, this is where the “Roda de Samba da Pedra do Sal” has been held for 16 years, on Mondays from 7pm to midnight. It’s the perfect place to enjoy the night the way cariocas like it: samba, cold beer and friends.


One Saturday a month, the Glória neighborhood hosts the Sambastião fair in Russel Square. The space has been occupied by the samba circle for 10 years, surrounded by food stands, handicrafts and craft beers.


At the Cardosão open court, lots of good samba music takes place on weekends. The events feature several highlights, such as Gabi Pasche‘s samba circle and the Cozinha Arrumada group. You can check out the full program on the circles’ social networks.At the top of Cardoso Júnior street, in Laranjeiras, you’re sure to find the armazém do cardosão (cardosão warehouse) – a cozy little bar with an outdoor area – next to the court. It also has a playground next door for children to enjoy.

Beco do Rato

Known as “the house of samba in Rio”, the bar is located in Lapa and hosts various musical attractions. Above all, a true Carioca bar! Visit the bar’s Instagram to check out the program for the whole month!

Samba na Serrinha

Samba na Serrinha

Every Friday in Rua Camerino, from 7pm, Quilombo Cultural Urbano – Casa do Nando hosts “Samba na Serrinha”, a semi-acoustic samba circle in exaltation of Império Serrano samba school! And surprisingly, until 11pm there’s double dose of caipirinha and from midday the house opens with feijoada.

Samba do Trabalhador

Undeniably the best way to start the week in Rio de Janeiro is at Clube Renascença. Every Monday, in Andaraí, the Club hosts “Moacyr Luz and the worker’s samba circle”. You can buy your ticket online!

Samba dos Guimarães 

To enjoy the weekend, the Largo dos Guimarães Flea Market in Santa Teresa hosts the Guimarães samba circle every Saturday night. Tickets are sold on Instagram and at the ticket counter on the spot.


Each first Sunday of the month, Sambotica brings samba to life in the Botafogo neighborhood, on Farani street. It’s a must for those who want to see Rio de Janeiro’s cultural wealth up close and experience the passion that samba awakens in everyone.

Samba da Volta

At “Samba da Volta”, every Sunday is also samba day. The circle takes place in Constituição street, in downtown Rio. It certainly promises a Sunday full of smiles, joy, hand-clapping and, of course, lots of samba.


Finally, every Thursday, Fundição Progresso hosts the “Samba Independente dos Bons Costumes”. Formed by a new generation of samba musicians, the group brings a setlist full of Rio de Janeiro classics and high spirits to entertain the crowd. Tickets can be bought online or at the Fundição Progresso ticket counter.

Anyway, you can see that samba is really our thing! Here you have plenty of options for samba circles and other attractions for you to choose where and how you want to spend your days in Rio. Whether you’re from Rio or a visitor to the wonderful city, you’re sure to enjoy any of the samba circles mentioned.

After all, as Dorival Caymmi would say, “those who don’t like samba can hardly be good people”.

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